Costa Rica - ideal destination for ecotourism, romantic trips, and SPA-travels. Mountains ranges, covered with thick forests, volcanoes filled with turquoise lakes inside their crater, beaches covered with silver sand, powerful waterfalls, sleepy fishing villages and coffee plantation in the valleys.

Costa Rica - magic and magnificent energy of original nature!

  • Irazu Volcano National Park
  • Cartago City, Orosi Valley and Ujarras viewing point
  • Poas Volcano National Park and the hike to Botos Lagoon
  • La Paz Waterfalls Garden with a colorful Butterfly Farm
  • Arenal Volcano and thermal streams
  • Tenorio Volcano National Park and Rio Celeste
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Hanging Bridges
  • Jungle Crocodile Safari
  • Manuel Antonio Park and relaxation on the shores of the Pacific Ocean

Day 01. San Jose. Arrival to San Jose. Meet up at the airport, transfer to the hotel and lodging for 2 nights. Your hotel is a beautiful resort and spa situated on 40 acres of manicured tropical gardens and trails with rivers and waterfalls. Leisure time. Stroll through botanic gardens interspersed with sculpture. Hike over 4 kilometers of private scenic trails to intimate river view and dramatic waterfalls. Visit hotel’s orchid house and greenhouse. It will be wonderful for the mind, the soul, the heart and the eyes.

Day 02. San Jose - Irazu Volcano National Park - Cartago - Orosi Valley. After breakfast you will go to the Irazu Volcano National Park. On March, 13, 1963, on arrival date for the official visit to Costa Rica of the president John Kennedy, there was the most memorable Irazu eruption. The next awakening of the volcano was only in 1994 and it has been an active volcano since then. Inside the crater Diego de la Haya (depth 100 м.) there is a mineral lake, which changes its color from red to green. Travelers sometimes compare the top of the volcano with the surface of the Moon. We will enjoy impressive cliffs and in favorable weather conditions, see both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the same time. Next, our travel continues to the city of Cartago - ancient capital of Costa Rica. Picturesque sights remind of Swiss Alps, but here we can see eucalyptus trees and magnificent cypress trees, extending their branches toward the sky. Cartago - a darling little colonial town with an interesting Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, which is dedicated to the patron saint of Costa Rica and stands on the east side of town. Within the walls of this Byzantine-style church is a shrine containing the tiny carved figure of La Negrita, the Black Virgin, which is nearly lost amid its ornate altar. According to the legend, the statue possesses a healing power, and many pilgrims come here annually to witness healing miracles firsthand. Viewing of two basilicas: modern and ruined ancient, which was damaged during a destructive earthquake. Visiting an Orosi Valley and Ujarras viewing point. Magnificent mountain sights with bright-orange, red, and yellow trees on a background of a spreading river and visible from afar ruins of an ancient church. Lunch at a restaurant with a panoramic view of the Orosi Valley. Return to San Jose. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 03. Poas Volcano National Park - La Paz Waterfalls Garden - Arenal Volcano. Breakfast at a hotel. Departure to the Poas Volcano National Park. Poás volcano is a powerful symbol of geothermal forces that formed Costa Rica. Scenic drive to the top of Poas, one of the world’s widest accessible volcanic craters. Stand on the edge and look down into the bubbling blue cauldron. This volcano, whose crater reaches 1.5 km in diameter periodically spews from its depths columns of steam and gas. However, the climb to the crater is completely safe for the tourists. Poas is surrounded by a cloudy tropical forest: ancient trees stand alongside with beautiful orchids and bromeliads. Here giant umbrella-leafed gunnera has gained a name for itself «an umbrella for the paupers», thanks to its huge leaves. Surrounded by coffee plantations, Poas volcano is majestically rising 8878ft above the sea level. The view of a main crater of the volcano, and a turquoise lake hiding inside it, will definitely leave a lasting impression in your mind. The 2nd crater, Botos, is a crystal clear rain-fed lake surrounded by jungle that is reached by a walk through a dwarf cloud forest. Next-visiting La Paz Waterfalls, Butterfly Farms and feeders, with myriads of hummingbirds flocking around them. Lunch is a buffet, which consists of traditional Costa Rican meals at a mountain restaurant with natural cascades of a flowing downwards river. After lunch -transfer to the area of the Arenal Volcano - one of the youngest volcanoes of Costa Rica. This area is designated as a special park-natural habitat. Volcano Arenal is a tall mountain of a perfect conical shape. At night Arenal gets illuminated by the pouring out magma, and during the eruption lights up all the areas around it. However, not everyone can see the eruption as the volcano is often covered by clouds. Arenal heats the water for the hot streams, which are located under unique pools. Your hotel is so conveniently located, that you can see a panoramic view of the Areanal straight from your windows, and the tropical jungle will open its embrace. Lodging for 3 nights. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 04. Arenal - Tenorio Volcano National Park - Rio Celeste. Breakfast at a hotel. Tour to the Tenorio Volcano National Park. At a very foot of Tenorio, in a mysterious smoky haze, you can see one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons: Rio Celeste. The phenomenon of this river lies in its incredibly blue color of its waters, which can be explained by complex processes of evaporation and sediments of plentiful mineral substances. At various stretches of the river current there are thermal springs, peaceful blue ribbons of a river, and a beautiful waterfall. Over the river, there are evaporating gases, which turn this location into a natural sauna. River mists climb the hills surrounding the river, and sometimes there are small streams with boiling water branching off the main river. The travel through the forest will give you an opportunity to enjoy incredibly thick and plentiful vegetation of this place...swimming in crystal clear waters of a waterfall...walking through a forest, past slim and tall palm trees, bromeliads covered ferns, orchids...walking through misty clouds. The most wondrous things that you could see in Costa Rica are awaiting you on this day. Return to the hotel. On a territory of a hotel there is a mini zoo with exotic tropical animals, and most unique intimate pools with cascades, ponds, and waterfalls. Leisure evening and relaxation. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 05. Arenal - Thermal pools. Breakfast at a hotel. Leisure time until 1pm. Or additional tours of your choice: «Hanging bridges of Arenal», «A journey to Arenal volcano», «Sport fishing on the Arenal lake», «A boat trip down the Arenal lake», «Horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfalls» - this is a good combination of horseback and hiking in a beautiful scenario, «Canopy tour», «A hot air balloon ride over the Arenal Volcano». At 1pm we will depart to an incredible and unforgettable world of best thermal spas in a country, where you can take relaxing baths in multiple natural pools, surrounded by unbelievably beautiful tropical greenery. Enjoy therapeutic thermal streams with water enriched by minerals! Four major life-giving elements joined here, creating a divine place for getting away from all the mundane problems, for physical and spiritual relaxation, and replenishing of personal energy. It is a boiling energy of the Arenal volcano, plus thermal waters of the river, which takes its beginning at the foot of the volcano, plus a charming flora and fauna of a surrounding moist tropical forest and peaceful aroma in the air. Discover a secret of Temazcal ritual, which was common among aborigines, and was intended for cleansing of a soul and body. A ritual is led by an authentic shaman- a master of healing herbs and a mediator between you and four natural elements: fire, water, earth, and wind. It is true when they say that this is Gods’ playground and relaxation spot. Here we will spend the rest of the day. Return to the hotel. (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)

Day 06. Arenal - Monteverde - Hanging Bridges. Breakfast at a hotel. Today you will go to one of the most interesting ecological regions of Costa Rica- Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. You will travel to Monteverde in a very romantic way, taking a boat ride across the Arenal Lake, and getting to its other side in about 40 minutes. After that, your journey will lay across mountain spaces of the country with a visit to a Costa Rican rancho, where you can enjoy some homemade coffee taste locally made quesadillas. After that, you will arrive to Monteverde. Next - an incredible walk across Hanging Bridges, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the jungle for a birds eye view. Monteverde Hanging Bridges are the embodiment of a great engineering art, perfectly following all safety precautions. You will walk across 8 bridges of varying lengths: from 186 to 438 feet. Entire trip will be approximately 2 miles. The treetop walkways are suitable for people of all ages and physical condition. One advantage of the suspended bridges is that you will be able to see up close, the variety of vegetation that lives in harmony on the trees who serve as "hosts" for numerous orchids, bromeliads, ferns, moss and vines. Monteverde is called “a cloud forest”. It is always cool here, and often there is a mild drizzling rain. This creates perfect conditions for amazing nature. Enormous trees, covered with moss and parasites, various lianas: all amidst what seems to be fog, but in reality is clouds covering the mountains in which the park is located. Lodging for 1 night. (Breakfast included)

Day 07. Monteverde - Jungle Crocodile Safari - Manuel Antonio.Breakfast at a hotel. Departure to the Pacific Ocean coast of Costa Rica, to a territory of a National park Manuel Antonio. The road is incredibly beautiful, and lays serpent-like along the mountains that blend with a horizon. The landscapes are so picturesque, that they remind of masterful hand of a skilled artist. Along the road there are numerous peasant shops with tastiest domestic cheese and plentiful Costa Rican natural sweets. During our casual stops, you will have time to enjoy communication and consumption of this country's culinary treasures. Your travel will continue until the Rio Grande de Tarcoles. You will go on a boat ride down Tarcoles River to its mouth into a Guacalillo Canal. You will have a chance to observe enormous 12ft long American crocodiles from a safe but close distance. You will also get to see iguanas and colorful Ara parrots. On the way downstream, the boat heads along the Estero Guacalillo, a most awesome mangrove ecosystem that features four different species of mangrove trees. In addition to sightseeing, photography and videotaping are permited. Time for lunch. After lunch, you will continue your way to a popular tourist town of Quepos, located next to the national park Manuel Antonio. A stop at a unique spot-a restaurant-airplane, which opens to magnificent views to Manuel Antonio bay. Time to take pictures. Arrival to the hotel and lodging for 2 nights. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 08. Manuel Antonio Park. Breakfast at a hotel. A tour to Manuel Antonio Park. Small in its area, Manuel Antonio contains a charming combination of rain forest, magnificent beaches and a clean ocean. The forest is home for sloths, sleepily hanging from among the leafy depths, iguanas, the rare and adorable squirrel monkeys and millions of colorful little crabs. And the trail that winds around Punta Catedral affords some spectacular views. Here you can freely observe white-faced monkeys and pizotes (is a species of coati) - peculiar animals that walk around without any fear of humans. The main attraction of this park is its 4th beach. After the acquaintance with the park, there will be some leisure time on a best beach of the island. Your hotel will be conveniently located near the park and ocean, so you will be able to have a wonderful evening enjoying the sights of the ocean and going for a swim. (Breakfast included)

Day 09. Manuel Antonio - San Jose. Breakfast at a hotel. Now here is the big decision: Go home... or stay on? If you must return home, then enjoy the morning ... later in the afternoon check out and be transferred to the airport for your return flight to HOME.

On the other hand, if you decide to stay on, that's great, and there is a lot to choose from. Our recommended extension is a 3 night package to Corcovado National Park - the backpacking experience of a lifetime. It encompasses the only remaining old growth wet forests on the Pacific coast of Central America, and 13 major ecosystems... There is a good chance of spotting some of Costa Rica's shyest and most endangered inhabitants here: Baird's Tapirs, Jaguars, Scarlet Macaws, Harpy Eagles, Red-backed squirrel monkeys and White-lipped Peccaries... It would be a shame not to visit, you are so close...

Rates in USD
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Price includes:

  • 8 nights at the hotel with breakfast buffets.
  • 5 full lunches during the tours.
  • 1 full dinner during the tour.
  • Daily transport according to the program.
  • English speaking guide on transfers and tours. Russian or Spanish guide - by inquiry.
  • Entrance fee according to the program.

Price does NOT include:

  • International flight. The cost is confirmed during the tour reservation.
  • Airport Tax departure - $28 per person.
  • Meals NOT mentioned in the program.
  • Cost of additional tours and visits along the route.
  • Tips for the guides and attending personnel at the hotel.
  • Tour insurance. Offered for an extra charge.

What you should bring:

  • Shoes well-closed around the ankles.
  • Two pairs of comfortable walking shoes with rubber soles.
  • Light clothes for the hiking.
  • Light and ventilated thick cotton socks.
  • Swimming suit.
  • A small backpack with: sunglasses, solar protector, band-aid, repellent, drinking water, camera, towel, regularly taken medicine.


  • The best time to visit is from December to April, when the chances of enjoying the tour are greater.

This is a simple program. Combine it with other programs, add days or destinations. Milavia International will design your trip just for you.

We recommend extending the program in any direction – Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Colombia or any other Latin American country.