Mountains, Volcanoes, Jungles, Lakes & Beach

Enjoy wonderful hotels, delicious food, great excursions, and unlimited spirits.

9 days / 8 nights

Small Group with English-speaking guides

Tour starts in Guatemala City:

2016: January 30 / February 20 / March 12 / April 25 / May 30 / June 20

In this tour:

  • Tikal - a wonderful combination of nature and temples! Must See in Guatemala.
  • Lake Petén Itzá.
  • Antigua - a city often called "American Venice", a City of Romance!
  • Magical Panajachel and Lake Atitlan - "a child" of a large volcanic eruption and the very beautiful lake on the planet.
  • Discover El Salvador, living its live towns: the arty Salvadorian Villages of Ahuachapán and Concepcion de Ataco, little jewels along The Flowers Road. Must see in El Salvador!
  • Volcanoes National Park with the main three impressive volcanoes of Santa Ana, Izalco and Cerro Verde.
  • Blue Coatepeque Lake was nominated one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Enjoy a Salvadoran shore of Pacific Ocean on the lovely Salinitas Beach. Discover the magic of the all-inclusive hotel with the spectacular salt-water pool filled daily by the ocean tides, amazing tropical gardens and beautiful ocean sunset! You will find unlimited food, unlimited drinks and spirits.

Day 01. Guatemala City. Arrive in Guatemala City. You will be met upon arrival at the airport and transferred to your hotel in Guatemala City. Accommodation for 1 night.

Day 02. Guatemala City - Tikal - Flores Island. Breakfast at your hotel. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Flores, gate to the World Heritage site of Tikal, archeological complex of the ancient Mayan city. Visiting Tikal is an absolute must while in Guatemala. Spend a nice time at Tikal, which contains thousands of ancient structures, the majority of which remain unexcavated. This vast site has spectacular pyramids, numerous plazas, a sprawling main palace and several lesser royal residences. Ascending to the top of the pyramids will give you an otherworldly feeling that we all are part of one universe and are endowed with unlimited power. In contrast with western civilizations, where churches are represented by closed, internally oriented spaces, places like Tikal are open to the world. In Tikal, which is declared "legacy of humanity" by UNESCO, everything breathes under an open sky. Tikal is a dream- come- true for archeologists and naturalists, a wonderful combination of nature and temples. It is not surprising if during the walk down the shadowy trail, you will hear the roar of a jaguar-the ruins are located on a territory of a natural national park. You will visit Complex Q, Temples I, II, III, IV, V, the Lost World and Central Square. Then, transfer to the Flores Island in the middle of a large Lake Petén Itza. Accommodation for 1 night. (Breakfast included)

Day 03. Flores - Antigua Guatemala. Breakfast at your hotel. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Guatemala City. You will be met upon arrival at the airport and transferred to Antigua Guatemala - a city often called "American Venice". Here there are no gondolas, water canals, nor noticeable Italian presence, but cobblestone streets and monumental, covered with bright bougainvillea ruins of ancient monasteries and churches breathe with passion and charm. In this city with curiously weaving streets, romance itself lives in its cafes, restaurants, churches, colonial hotels, museums and private mansions. Accommodation for 1 night. Author's sightseeing excursion around Antigua. It is best to acquaint yourself with the city by leisurely walking down its streets. It appears that the city froze in the 16th century. Antigua is a city of walls. The key is get behind the walls where all the life of this lovely city resides. The walls and fascinating doors are colored in ochre, yellow, white, and other colors. The city of Antigua was founded in 1543 and was home to the residence of Spanish colonial administration of Guatemala Kingdom, which included countries from Costa Rica to south of Mexico. This unique city was declared by UNESCO as a Cultural legacy of humanity. Pan-American institute of geography and history called Antigua "Monumental city of America." Today it is more known to be a City of Romance. Many offers of hand and heart have been made in this beautiful city. Be it under the slopes of the famous arcade, or a tower with clock from Santa Catalina monastery, or the most risky offers of hand and heart only several yards from crawling boiling lava, flowing from a crater of one of the twins-volcanoes of the city: Fuego and Acatenango. (Breakfast included)

Day 04. Antigua - Panajachel - Santiago Atitlan. Breakfast at your hotel. Today you will head towards the Lake Atitlan, whose shore serves as a location for a town of Panajachel. Lake Atitlan is "a child" of a large volcanic eruption and is considered the most beautiful on the planet. The region of Panajachel is the best place to get acquainted with local culture of a mountain part of Guatemala. Arrival to Panajachel. Accommodation for 1 night. Then, you will take a trip down the Atitlan Lake in a private boat and visit Santiago-a town on the other side of the lake. Here Mayas preserved the originality of their ancestors and real pride of their people-textile manufacturing, which flourished even during the times of Spanish conquests. A walk down antique streets and multiple Indian shops. Observing non-tourist life of local population. Colorful rainbow from psychedelic combinations of purple, pinks and blue excite all senses. Local traditions have been forming by Maya people for centuries. You will be able to see how the ancestors of Mayans used to live and do so to this day, experience the originality of magical Guatemala. Later-transfer back to Panajachel. Your hotel is ideal spot to relax and enjoy a glass of wine while watching reflections of majestic volcanoes in the lake. Panajachel is a tourist center with a market that is open 7 days a week. Its streets are lined with markets, overflowing with textile wares; here the locals sell their artwork, crafts items, hand-woven blankets, fabric, and clothes. Panajachel also has a good selection of restaurants and bars, and small bicycle-taxis circulate back and forth down the streets. (Breakfast included)

Day 05. Panajachel (Guatemala) - Salvadorian villages of Ahuachapán & Concepción de Ataco. Breakfast at your hotel. Check out and departure to the arty Salvadorian villages. There are several distinct towns strung like little jewels along the route. While following the route, you will find authentic arts and crafts, beautiful panoramic views of mountainside coffee plantations, dense forests, and breathtaking lagoons. Through volcano-ringed coffee plantations, you will following to Ahuachapán- bohemian awesome little town of unique very special mural style with bright and always smiling characters. Stop for a coffee break at the famous La Casa de Mamapan House and enjoy its history. Then, you will driving to the cheerful village Concepcion de Ataco and see coffee beans and streaming sunshine in the distinctive painting style that covers many of the walls in this village. Ataco is a very quiet and secure feeling town with great friendly locals, amazing picturesque houses and art shops, full of cultural tradition and splendid natural appeal. Accommodation for 1 night. (Breakfast included)

Day 06. Concepción de Ataco - Cerro Verde National Park - Salinitas Beach. Breakfast at your hotel. Check out from your hotel and continue your travel to the Volcanoes National Park with the main three impressive volcanoes of Santa Ana, Izalco and Cerro Verde. This park features a lush forest teeming with flora and fauna as well as some of the most stunning views in El Salvador. Historically, the Izalco Volcano had been known as the lighthouse of the Pacific. For many years, its eruptions provided a beacon to ships crossing the ocean at night. It is also one of the youngest volcanoes in Latin America, born in 1770. Cerro Verde Volcano is located between the Izalco Volcano, baffling with its classical beauty with its sharp black cone touched by clouds, and the Santa Ana Volcano. Many local legends are connected with these two volcanoes. You will go through the path known as, a window to nature, inside the Cerro Verde's crater. After a 30 minute walk, you will find yourself immersed in the oldest forest area inside the park and will be able to spot some 300 year old trees climbing to amazing heights. There are many species of animals living inside the park; among them are many types of hummingbirds and the black birds known as "chara". In addition to the three impressive volcanoes, you will visit the bright blue Coatepeque Lake formed thousands of years ago by the collapse of volcanic cones. The Coatepeque Lake was nominated one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The scenic road to the Volcanoes National Park, known as the "panoramic highway" for its marvelous views, curls along the steep ridge of the crater giving you glimpses of the broad fertile valleys on one side and the lake on the other. You will be amazed by the beauty of the surrounded nature-gray shadows of the clouds rush across green hills, dive into intensely blue volcanic Coatepeque Lake on an eastern slope of Santa Ana, crawling from the lake white and fluffy. You will pass a few lookout points that are great for taking panoramic pictures! Cool climate, beautiful landscape, clean mountain air, aroma of excellent coffee and wonderful views of surrounding mountains attract here the richest people of El Salvador. Then, you will drive to the Pacific coast to the lovely Salinitas Beach. Here you will discover the magic of the all-inclusive, a concept that has painted smiles, providing the best experience in warm scenery and beautiful landscapes that inspire rest and relaxation, where you can fully enjoy the sensual aroma of the ocean. Accommodation at the All Inclusive Hotel for 3 nights. Enjoy your holiday without restriction in the best safe location with spectacular tropical gardens, the great warm pool in the ocean and beautiful ocean sunset! You will find unlimited food, unlimited drinks and spirits. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 07 - 08. Salinitas Beach. Days at leisure. Head down to the water and enjoy a day at the private beach. Spend your time in any of the four fresh water pools, or even in the spectacular salt-water pool filled daily by the ocean tides while taking advantage of the all-inclusive drinks at any of the four distinctive bars. Enjoy the fitness center or the Spa Temascal facilities, including beachside massages. Take a fun and very safe sea kayaking or tropical bike riding. Enjoy unlimited food, unlimited drinks and spirits. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 09. Salinitas Beach - San Salvador airport - Return Flight. Breakfast at your hotel. Now here is the big decision: Go home... or stay on? If you must return home, transfer to the San Salvador airport for your international departure flight. (Breakfast included)

However, if you decide to stay on, that is great; there is a lot to choose from. Tell us what YOU want and we do the legwork.

Rates per person in $USD / group min of 10 pax / Taxes and Fees included
Double occupancy DBL$2225
Single occupancy SGL$2625

The price includes:

  • Hotel accommodations 4* with hotel taxes and daily breakfast.
  • 3 nights at the All Inclusive Hotel in El Salvador.
  • 2 flights according to the program: Guatemala City - Flores / Flores - Guatemala City.
  • Excursions and visits according to the program.
  • All entrance tickets according to the program.
  • Surface and overland travel as indicated.
  • Comfortable transport.
  • English-speaking guides throughout the whole route.
  • Luggage handling at airports.
  • Hotel bellboys.

The price does not include:

  • International flight. The cost is confirmed during the tour reservation. Participants make their own arrangements on the airline of their choice.
  • Price of additional tours and visits along the route.
  • Trip insurance. We offer an excellent insurance for an additional fee.
  • Tourist visas.
  • Tips for the guides and drivers. You will soon realize that the professional in-country staff is working round-the-clock to ensure the success of the experience. Gratuities are a small way to say thanks.
  • Meals not specifically indicated as included.
  • Foreign airport departure taxes.


  • A full payment of a group tour is required 80 days before the beginning of the tour. Failure to make full payment on time may result in automatic cancellation of reservation.
  • Tour payments are only accepted in bank transfers to the bank account of Milavia International, Ltd, in a bank in the USA. Credit cards are not accepted as a method of payment.
  • The payment for the tour should only occur after the Buyer is provided with a final invoice. The Tour Operator Milavia International, Ltd provides a Buyer with a final invoice, which indicates the deadline for the payment. The Buyer is required to comply with the deadlines for the payment, or his/her order is automatically terminated. The fee for the reinstating of the order is US$250 per person.

Cancellation policies of the tour and return of the monetary funds:

  • Cancellation of a ground part of the tour program 79-50 days before its start: full monetary refund with the exception of the expenses spent on refund registration and banking operations.
  • Cancellation of a ground part of the tour program 49-31 days before its start: 50% monetary refund with the exception of the expenses spent on refund registration and banking operations.
  • Cancellation of a ground part of the tour program 30 days before its start and a NO SHOW: no monetary refund would be offered.
  • All requests for cancellations must be received in writing:
  • Prices quoted are based on group participation and no refunds will be made for any part of the program in which you choose not to participate.
  • Refunds cannot be made to passengers who do not complete the tour for whatever reason.
  • Flight cancellations: Milavia International is not responsible for monetary refunds for unused airline tickets and does not refund the payments for cancelled domestic flights. The Buyer has the right to use the purchased tickets within one year. If the ticket cost for new dates during the year increases, the Buyer must pay the difference in the ticket cost. Air schedules are subject to change and Milavia International cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by such changes and delays.
  • Milavia International, Ltd strongly recommends purchasing the tour insurance and offers it for an additional fee.
  • Tour cancellation due to force-majeure: no monetary refund would be offered.
  • The Buyer of the tour has the right to choose any insurance company.
  • The Buyer is fully responsible for tour insurance purchasing or refusal of thereof.
  • Any claim must be made in writing within 15 days after the tour:


  • Vouchers for the paid service are sent out electronically 10 days before the start of the tour.

Health Problems:

  • If the passenger has health problems or physical limitations of any kind, it is essential to let Milavia International, Ltd know at the time of booking.
  • Passengers with orthopedic problems are not recommended to this tour.
  • Milavia International, Ltd reserves the right to remove any individual at any time during the tour if she/he is physically incapable to participate in the planned activities.
  • Milavia International, Ltd. assumes no responsibility for special arrangements.

Passports and Visas:

  • Passengers must be in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months after date of travel.
  • Additionally, all passengers are required to hold a valid visa wherever required. It is the passenger's responsibility to check with the appropriate consulates as to the visa requirements and obtain proper travel documents before the trip. Visa fees are not included.

What you should bring: Everyone travels differently, and while we do not require that you follow this list exactly, please use it as a guideline for deciding what to pack.

What we highly recommend:

  • Two pairs of comfortable walking shoes with rubber soles.
  • Shoes well closed around the ankles.
  • Good clothes for the walking.
  • T-shirts.
  • Jeans or khakis.
  • Light and ventilated cotton socks.
  • A small backpack with: sunglasses, solar protector, band-aid, repellent, drinking water, camera, regularly taken medicine.

What we do not recommend:

  • Expensive jewelry or other valuables.
  • Heavy backpack.
  • Plan to carry a photocopy of your passport with you at all times during the trip.

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