Mexico - Welcome to the first in the Americas and eighths worldwide in terms of World Heritage Sites: the historic downtown areas of the colonial cities as Zacatecas, Puebla, Campeche, Tlacotalpan, Oaxaca and ruins of Monte Alban, Mexico City as one of the world's largest metropolises and the Western Hemisphere's oldest urban center, its floating gardens of Xochimilco, the picturesque town of Queretaro with charming and amazingly well preserved baroque churches, temples and mansions, boasting graceful balconies and ornate facades. Stroll through the romantic Alley of the Kiss and attend the Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato. Welcome to a land of contrasts, geographically and socially: from the arid landscapes of Real de Catorce to the exuberant vegetation of Xilitla where an eccentric Englishman Edward James built surreal works of art in the jungle and scenic Huasteca Potosina, from the Pacific coast of Acapulco with night dives at La Quebrada and the spectacular sunsets at the Pie de la Cuesta to the Mexican Caribbean where millenniums ago, the Maya created a civilization now considered one of the most important ever to exist in the ancient world. Discover Chiapas and Sumidero Canyon Ecological Park, the Copper Canyon, one of Mexico's most spectacular natural attractions and Mennonite colony. Visit Catemalco, which is famed as Mexico's witchcraft center and hosts an annual convention of witches. Enjoy trip by the Mexico's rail system, which connects premier archaeological sites with colonial cities of the Yucatan Peninsula, including Merida and Chichen-Itza. Mexico is so blessed by Nature: 38 volcanoes, 12 of which are considered "active" volcanoes, it is a land with unique mosaic of ecosystems, ranging from desert in the north, to pine forests and snow-capped mountains in the middle, and tropical jungle in the south, beautiful lakes and rivers, unique amazing cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula and 6,000 miles of coastline along the Caribbean, Pacific and Baja California coasts where you could have the most varied natural landscape on earth. This is the real Mexico with a unique Nature, Landscapes, History and Archaeology!

Guatemala - Diverse geography allows for incredible Vistas from 13,000 foot volcanoes just a few short hours from watershed jungles and tropical coastal plains. The Santiago Respendent Quetzal reserve, Atitlan's three volcanoes, hundred mile lakefront, the "land of Eternal Springtime". Cool cloud forests, rain-shadow desert valleys, chilly alpine plateaus and an amazing diversity of Maya, Mestizo, European and Caribbean traditions. Antigua Guatemala, this Venice of the Americas breathes passion and charm through cobble-stoned streets and monumental bougainvillea-draped Colonial homes converted into delightful hotels, romantic ruins of Antigua, lake Atitlan and the unique indigenous costume of Santiago, unusual stone architecture and lovely gardens and excellent cuisine. Lakeside town of Panajachel and a hot springs spa Fuentes Georginas surrounded by Eden-like cloud forest. The sacred crater lake Laguna Chicabal and Chichicastenango, the most colorful native market in all the Americas. Magnificent Copan ruins and Tical National Park. Semuc Champey is a beautiful series of small ponds and pools on a natural land bridge; in this unique natural formation you have water with shades of light green emerald to dark blue sapphire.

Belize - Is a cute, casual, and safe country, bounded on the North by Mexico, South and West by Guatemala, and the beautiful Caribbean Sea washes its 174 mile coastline to the East. There are four atolls in the western hemisphere, three in Belize. Scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing over colorful coral on the world's second largest barrier reef. Belize is lying in a hammock under the shade of the coconut tree, lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and refreshing Caribbean Sea breezes. Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker full day boat trips to Turneffe and Lighthouse Atolls (Blue Hole) with great fishing, kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. The scenic Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve with the five perfectly gushing waterfalls and the numerous crystal pools, the natural beauty of an immense Rain Forest and natural Wildlife Sanctuary. Rio Frio Cave and archaeological site of Xunantunich, the Barton Creek Cave by canoe and the Maya ceremonial site, the Green Hills Butterfly farm and a Jungle Horseback ride to the Big Rock Falls where you can take a refreshing dip. The unique eco-retreat jungle lodge for canoeing, tubing or kayaking.

Honduras - Natural Wonders of magnificent rainforest of the Pico Bonito National Park with the trails leading to numerous waterfalls where you can swim in the crystal mountain waters. This park's natural habitats consist of seven different eco-systems. In addition to tapirs, deer, jaguars, puma, white-faced and capuchin monkeys, there are over 325 species of birds. Horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and sea kayaking, touring the ancient Mayan ruins of Copan, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1980. Diving and snorkeling amidst the coral reefs of the Bay Islands. Cuero and Salado Wildlife Refuge and the beautiful Cayos Cochinos beaches. Island Roatan is a paradise for divers, snorkelers and sun worshippers. The long irregular mountain ridge with hilltops reaching up some 235 meters, provide a multitude of beaches, inlets and bays. Reefs line the north coast, a few hundred meters from the shore; along the south, coral formations can be within steps from the beach. The old mining colonial town of Santa Lucia, preserving much of its 16th century atmosphere with its cobblestone streets bordered by flowers and white houses that seem to perch on the mountainside. The church on a hillside contains many sacred paintings, such as the Black Christ of the Mercedes. The Caribbean coastal city of La Ceiba and the Janet Kawas National Park. The park is considered home to some 350 species of birds, 68 reptile species, 12 amphibian species, 70 freshwater fish and 49 mammals. Howler and White Faced Monkeys, Jaguars, Ocelots, Peccaries, Agoutis, Caymans, Manatees and Marine Turtles. Within the park there are scattered Garifuna villages as well. Lake Yojoa is Honduras' largest natural lake, 8 km wide by 16 km long, and is home to hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife. The charm of Oak Ridge, the Venice of Roatan with a Mangrove Tunnel and a world-famous ice cold drinks and good island style meals.

El Salvador - It is a wonder of the natural world. More than 300 kms of gorgeous beaches with a wonderful sunny weather. Diving in Los Cobanos Reef - Central America's largest rocky reef and white sand beaches and in Volcano Crater - Llopango Lake, hiking the Izalco Volcano, birdwatching in El Imposible National Park, rafting in Rio Paz, flying over the volcanoes, mangrove and Bocana Barra de Santiago, the majestic beauty of the Santa Ana volcano and Cerro Verde volcano, the tranquility of the Alegria Lagoon - the crater of Tecapa-Chinameca volcano and Coatepeque lake will give the peace that your soul seek, get an intimate contact with the nature at La Palma, San Ignacio and the Montecristo National Park. Discover amazing place Joya de Ceren, designated as "Patrimony for Humanity". In one day: the sunset to the west, Lake Ilopango to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south and the San Salvador volcano to the north make the view absolutely exquisite! Amazing food of the famous pupusas and Juayua hot springs with a walking near the fumerals and the mud pits, beautiful waterfalls of "Chorros de la Calera". Artisain Trail of San Sebastian, Ilobasco and the beautiful colonial town Suchitoto. Las Flores Trail of the oldest indigenous cities of Nahuizalco, Apaneca and Ataco + All Inclusive Royal Decameron Salinitas Hotel with a unique spectacular salt water pool filled daily by the ocean tides.

Nicaragua - Land of lakes and volcanoes. A vibrant city of Managua is surrounded by several beautiful lagoons of volcanic origin, such as Asososca, Xiloa and Apoyeque. The Tiscapa Lagoon is located in the center of the city. Many art galleries: Josefina, Genesis and Praxis, arts & crafts boutiques, the Ruben Dario Theatre and the old Cathedral ruins offer a special opportunity for a different view of the capital city. The oldest colonial city of Granada on Lake Nicaragua was the first city to be founded in Nicaragua by the Spanish. Be sure to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Granada. Baroque and Renaissance churches can be found among other colonial and neoclassical buildings. The Masaya Volcano National Park, the coral reefs of the still virgin Corn Island with its blue-green and turquoise watercolor and exuberant beaches, excursions around the unspoiled island. The largest fresh water Ometepe Island and its two famous volcanoes Concepcion and Maderas. Ometepe is a full paradise for water sports, fishing and bird watching. Enjoy beautiful beach of Montelimar and small towns known as the White Towns, enchanting cities where you can see typical adobe construction, the splendid view of Apoyo Lagoon and know its legends and stories about witchcraft. Mystical San Juan River, Pearl Lagoon and deep Sea fishing in the Nicaraguan South Pacific with the fascinating marine world. Morgan's Rock is a unique and natural haven for the true traveler who is looking for a touch of luxury while enjoying the adventure and excitement of an exotic tropical destination.

Costa Rica - Pura Vida ... Poas and La Paz waterfalls, Tortuga Island, Manuel Antonio National Park, Corcovado and Osa Peninsula, the richest biological zone in Mesoamerica. Caño Island Biological Reserve. Tortuguero Canals and Sarapiqui. Tamarindo, Papagayo and Punta Leona beautiful beaches. Tabacon, thermal mineral springs in the rainforest at the foot of the Arenal Volcano. Guanacaste and Caribbean beaches. Coco Island is second in the Americas for the amount of larger animal species inhabiting its waters. Monteverde and the resplendent Quetzal, ancient holy bird of the Mayans, over 100 species of mammals, 120 species of amphibians and reptiles and an estimated 2,500 species of plants make - this is a true "nature lover's paradise".

Panama - Come to enjoy your own piece of Paradise cradled by two oceans with the seven living Indian cultures. Visit the Embera Village just an hour from the cosmopolitan Panama City and the San Blas Islands, the home of the Kuna Indians. Historical sites of the Spanish colonial times in the Caribbean bayside town of Portobelo and the Spanish Colonial sector of Panama City - Casco Viejo. Discover the secrets of the Gamboa rainforest and the Monkey Island in the Panama Canal waterway. Go to the Barro Colorado Island, which is a living tropical laboratory of Tropical Research. Enjoy Summit Gardens, a tropical zoo with animals and birds unique to Panama's jungles set in a magnificent 80 year old botanical garden. You can choose from seven excellent diving areas: Coiba National Park, the Pearl Islands, Isla Iguana and Bocas Del Toro Archipelago. Panama holds 250 world fishing records. Breathtaking views of ships transiting the Panama Canal, "The Eight Wonder of the World" and a mini Panama Canal cruise. With more than a thousand islands and coastlines along Oceans, from All Inclusive Royal Decameron Beach and Casino Resort to exotic island retreats, beachfront villas and Tahitian-style cabins over the sea. This is Panama, a place where sea, nature and sun join as one to form a unique tropical oasis.

Colombia - Visit Bogota, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South America with the historical "La Candelaria" and its narrow slopping streets, colonial buildings with clay tile roofs; the Fernando Bolero Museum, famed Gold Museum. Enjoy the charming Andalusian-style town of Guatavita, a lagoon within the crater of a volcano that was sacred to the ancient Chibchas, and home to one of the legends of El Dorado. The Bay of colonial Cartagena with the cobble-stoned streets, exquisite doors and balconies overflowing with flowers, romantic restaurants and lively bars. The Magdalena River, shaded by bananas and tropical trees with the stone idols from lost civilizations. The Rosario Islands Natural Park with the sand beaches and crystalline waters of the San Andres Islands has been named by the United Nations a World Biosphere Reserve. San Andres hotels All Inclusive: Aquarium Super Decameron, Super Decameron Marazul, Decameron San Luis, Decameron El Isleño, Decameron Maryland, Decameron Isla Palma - enchanted land, sea scapes and a jewel in the Caribbean. Los Nevados National Park and Ruiz Hot Springs with medicinal properties. Tayrona National Park is the most beautiful corner of South America with its swimming beautiful beaches and the rain forest. Colombia is the world's leading producer of quality Emeralds and a top world producer of Gold.

Venezuela - Margarita Island with diving, snorkeling, jeep excursions around the Island. The Venezuelan famous pearls. The Angel Falls and Canaima National Park. Beautiful coral islands and sand dunes. The Orinoco Delta, Los Roques, eco-lodges and the unique ecosystem for scuba diving lovers. Speleologists should check out the Cueva de Guacharo, the most spectacular of Venezuela's many cave systems. Enjoy Gran Sabana with a special approach, crossing, recognizing and confirming the Dimensional location of its Power Centers, Portals and Esoteric Pyramids; sharing numerous "mysterious and strange" stories occurred in the region. Therapies of healing and rehabilitation, massages, Shiatsu, relax and natural medicine. Connection between Gran Sabana and the main archaeological centers of the planet. Native communities, their culture and traditions.

Ecuador - The Equatorial Line where you can straddle two hemispheres at once! Center of the World: Equatorial Monument. Quito is the charming Andean capital, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Quito Teleferico with spectacular panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains, an amusement park and collection of boutiques, shops offering handicrafts, jewelry, ceramics, clothing paintings and art, a collection of restaurants ranging from sports bar to typical foods. "Avenue of the Volcanoes" by Chiva Express, a series of valleys that weave in and out of the volcanoes: Cotopaxi, Llinza, Chimborazo and Tungurahua, the mystical beauty with rivers run down from the mountains and small villages of adobe houses and terraced farmlands. The Cotopaxi National Park, an ecological sanctuary, especially attractive for nature lovers with the treeless vegetation of the Andean moorlands. Otavalo and its colorful Indian market. The beauty and charm city Cuenca recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site in the southern Sierra, rich in cultural traditions, including the famed Panama Hat, actually made in Ecuador, often called the "Athens of Ecuador". Ecuadorian rainforest Napo Wildlife Center and the Yasuni National Park, the finest wildlife destination in the Amazon of Ecuador with parrot licks, Giant Otters, Woolly Monkeys and ten other primates. Guayaquil with Barrio Las Peñas, the oldest area of the city with wooden houses and cobbled streets dating back to the 1500's, lined along a narrow street. Arasha in tropical forest with unique spa. The Enchanted Galapagos Islands, a living laboratory of evolution where animals and birds have no fear of man, it is today one of the premier wildlife destinations on earth - abundant and varied wildlife in a protected atmosphere with ample ease and comfort. Definitively the best of all possible scenarios.

Peru - Kingdoms of the clouds, the discovery of the tomb belonging to an ancient Moche in Sipan served to provide the first extensive knowledge ever gained of the Mochica culture and its society. Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world with the islands of the Uros, a people who live on approximately 40 floating islands. Puno, the city of legends, history and the birthplace of the Tiabuanaco culture with the famous Toritos de Pucara and the archaeological site of Sillustani. Peruvian Andes and the most important city of Cajamarca with the millenary and essentially artisan tradition are the textiles and the pottery of the ancient Cajamarca culture. The archaeological complex of Cumbemayo, a place where the highest hydraulic technology of ancient Peruvian communities and the impact of time upon native are wonderfully combined with a funerary complex Necropolis of Combayo. Iquitos, the heart of the Amazon region with Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the country's largest reserve and the fourth in South America, as shelter to 132 species of mammals. Cuzco, known by the Incas as the "home of gods" became the capital of one of the largest pre-Columbian empires, from the southern part of present-day Colombia to the northern part of what is now Argentina. The Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, one of the most extraordinary examples of landscape architecture in the world. Situated in an enclave on the saddle of a mountain overlooking the deep canyon of the Urubamba River, in an area of lush tropical forest, it served as a place of worship, a site for star-gazing and a private hacienda of the family of the Inca Pachacutec.

Moray is famous for its embedded amphitheater, formed by four circular terraces which seem to disappear into the interior of the puna, like an artificial crater. Sacred Valley of the Incas just an hour's drive from Cuzco, is a setting of picturesque communities, impressive terraces and many important archaeological sites. Chinchero is a real beautiful colonial Sunday market dedicated to the barter of products by the people of the valley and the upper areas, vibrant with color and movement which fascinate handicrafts and textiles made in true pre-Colombian style. 'White City', as Arequipa is known with Santa Catalina Convent, a beautiful walled citadel, which for four centuries served as the only physical world for generations of cloistered nuns. The Colonial district of Yanahuara, consisting of narrow cobblestone streets and old, white, volcanic stone houses. From here, there are magnificent views of the three volcanoes which overlook the city: Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu. The deepest canyon in the World - Colca, the villages of Torja, Chucura, Patapampa, and their colonial churches and Inca terracing. This is the land of the celebrated Condor .... as well as the vicuña, a cameloid prized for its fine wool. Village of Chivay and La Calera thermo-medicinal baths.

Brazil - The One, the Only ...The Sensual - Rio de Janeiro, the iconic city of Brazil and indeed all South America, famous for dramatic and sensual images of nature and a vibrant and creative population. The Summer Playground of the Emperor, imperial City Petropolis is reached by road along a steep, scenic mountain road, one of the most beautiful drives in Brazil. It stands at 2654 ft in the Serra da Estrela range of mountains in the Serra do Mar. Buzios gained international status with the visit of French actress Brigitte Bardot in the 60's. It is a string of beaches spread out for miles, diving and great food. It has a laid-back atmosphere with lodging of international class, great bars, and fancy restaurants. Bardot loved it! It is not easy to choose a beach to go in Brazil. The most African city, the New Orleans of Brazil, Salvador de Bahia, founded in 1549 by Portuguese sailors, is commonly believed by most Brazilians to be the soul of Brazil. Recife, "Brazilian Venice", because of its many canals and waterways and innumerable bridges that span them is the major gateway to the northeast, where the sun shines brighter. With more than 3000 square miles of coastline and with wonderful beaches, finding a perfect one is really a "difficult" task, but a destination seems to prevail: Jericoacoara or just Jeri was considered one of the ten most exuberant beaches on planet Earth. The beauty of Jeri is diverse. Huge sand dunes, with crystal clear lagoons in deserted beaches and natural sculptures carved on the rocks surround this magic fisherman village with very nice hotels, pousadas and great variety of typical food. There you find windsurf, capoeira, kitesurf, sandboard and of course trekking and hiking, or just do nothing and enjoy the nature surrounding you. With 365 islands and 2000 beaches, Angra dos Reis are truly breathtaking. Ilha Grande is the largest island, with no roads and 106 beaches and waterfalls. Great for hiking, camping, diving and swimming inside its subtropical vegetation, crystal clear waters, along with many other beautiful islands. Fernando de Noronha is part of the archipelago of the same name, with 21 islands and islets, which is the peak of a four thousand-meter deep volcanic mountain, and the habitat of several animal species. Also, there is Sancho Beach, elected the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Great for scuba diving. The Brazilian Endless Summer Porto Seguro and Joao Pessoa is a charming combination of sweeping coves called "enseadas" forms an ocean beachfront 14 miles long. The "Secret" Pantanal with landscapes of hidden grottos and crystalline lakes, with a wide variety of geological formations. Brazil is so rich... so unique... so incredible...! And don't forget Carnival in Salvador de Bahia, Carnival in Rio and Carnival in Recife!

Chile - An incredibly beautiful and varied country, ranging from the Atacama Desert north with sand, dunes, salt lakes and bizarre rock formations changing colors as the sun moves over them, el Tatio Geysers with spectacular eruptions around dawn, Valle de la Luna, with fascinating landscapes caused by erosion, the mystery of Easter Island, the beauty of the Lake District, the remote Patagonia and Santiago is your gateway to them all! Enjoy unique wine train tasting on board en route to Santa Cruz with lunch and visit a nearby vineyard and the small but excellent Colchagua Museum. The "Lake District Crossing" through spectacular scenery - snow-capped mountain peaks, gloriously green forests and blue lakes. Chiloe Island is a very special part of Chile and offers beautiful and unique experience for the travelers who are looking for something a little different. Enjoy only Robinson Crusoe Island as one of three islands of the Juan Fernandez archipelago. The other two islands are Alejandro Selkirk and the small Santa Clara. The archipelago was declared a national park in 1935. Paine Towers National Park declared a biospheric reserve by the UNESCO is one of the most spectacular mountain areas on earth. In the center of the park is a granite massif from which raise the Torres (Towers) and the Cuernos (Horns) of Paine, oddly shaped peaks of over 2,600 meters. There are 15 peaks in the park above 2000 meters, the highest of which is Cerro Paine Grande. The valleys are filled with beautiful lakes and the enormous Campo de Hielo Sur icecap gives the park four main glaciers: Grey, Dickson, Zapata and Tyndall. There is an abundance of wildlife in the park due to a micro-climate especially favorable to plants and wildlife. Fly-fishing in the area of over 30 different rivers and small lakes are located inside national parks and reserves: Tamango, Cochrane, San Rafael and Bernardo O'Higgins. Rivers range from large to small size, offering plenty of fishable water - runs, pools, riffles, and flats. Delicious Chilean gourmet cuisine and wines, hotels - spa with thalasoterapy treatments and natural hot springs with breathtaking views of the Andes give you welcome to the Chilean beauty.

Uruguay - Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and Colonia del Sacramento, built in Portuguese style of houses and cobblestoned streets, is reminiscent of old Lisbon with Barrio Historico, on a small peninsula jutting out into the river, was named a UNESCO heritage site. Enjoy the excellent restaurants, art and craft shops, museums and a large yacht harbor. Piriapolis, between Montevideo and Punta del Este, attracts by excellent beaches, Punta del Este - the South American paradise with two kinds of beaches, one at the ocean side and one at the bay side and an amazing nightlife. Enjoy the main points of interest in this resort city with suburbs referred to as "the Beverly Hills of Punta del Este" and mansions to rival any in the world. The Gorriti island for a day of sunshine and peaceful beaches or a motorlaunch excursion to Isla de Lobos with a huge sea lion colony that is in residence all year. Punta Vallena and Casapueblo, the museum and atelier of Uruguayan painter-sculptor Carlos Paez Vilaro. The building is art itself, soaring at different heights and uneven and surprising and very Mediterranean. Enjoy the countryside in the estancia was declared a Historical National Monument with typical gaucho estancia activities included.

Argentina - Tango, Gaucho, Evita Peron... Buenos Aires is exuberant, stylish and full of great pretense and hot gossip. Mendoza at the foot of the Andes, in the pre-cordillera region with its famous 1385 wineries and it is here that the mountain range reaches the highest peaks in America with the Aconcagua (6959m) and the Tupungato (6800m). Village of Purmamarca, also known as the Town of the Seven Colors. Colonial picturesque Jujuy and Quebrada de Humahuaca, mountains rich in minerals which lend their different colors to the rocks. Salta is situated on the Rio Arias in a mountainous and strikingly beautiful district with the central plaza of Plaza 9 de Julio is considered to be one of the most outstanding in the country and is the only one with verandas all round. "Train to the Clouds" from Quebrada del Toro up to the Polvorilla viaduct at 4200m, almost on the Chilean frontier, there is magnificent mountain scenery. This narrow gauge track engineering feat winds its way up the mountains until it reaches and crosses the viaduct. The statistics are impressive: 21 tunnels with a total length of almost two miles; 31 bridges, 13 viaducts and 1,279 bends. Picturesque town of San Carlos de Bariloche on the southern shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi in the National Park of the same name, is located in one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Amidst grandiose snow capped mountains, crystal clear waters and dense forest of cypress, it is known as the Switzerland of Argentina as even the architecture is reminiscent of Europe and has the oldest and best known Argentine Ski Center Cerro Catedral. Charming little town San Martin de Los Andes nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides and Lacar Lake on the fourth accessible via the scenic Siete Lagos (Seven Lakes) route. San Martin de los Andes is the base for exploring the Parque Nacional Lanin and for climbing Lanin Volcano. Peninsula Valdes has been called an "open air zoo". It is a unique wildlife sanctuary and an ideal place for close-up watching of whales, penguins, dark dolphins, elephant seals and sea lions, birds and Patagonian land-based species. Ruta 40 is one of the world's great roads passing through 11 provinces, crosses 236 bridges and 18 main rivers, touches 13 big lakes and salt flats, gives access to 20 national parks and reserves and connects 27 mountain passes. Tierra del Fuego, or Land of Smoke, Beagle Channel and Southernmost city in Argentina, Ushuaia with Train to the End of the World goes into the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego, following the same route of the convict train 100 years ago, with stops to visit a reconstructed Indian village or the Macarena Waterfalls, and travel through a sub-Antarctic forest. El Calafate, Lago Argentino and the famed Perito Moreno Glacier.

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