Milavia International is one of few tourist companies, specializing in group, individual, and exclusive tours, as well as business tourism across countries of Latin America.

Milavia International includes all activities listed in the tour itinerary page. Milavia International does not sell any optional activities which can add hundreds of dollars to your tour price. Your free time is scheduled in great settings where there is no need to buy additional expensive activities.

Milavia International employs a team of experienced English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and Russian-speaking guides in any country from Mexico to Antarctica. Our tours across countries of the Latin America involve participation of tourists from many parts of the world, wishing to travel in a company of a group leader.

We are not the only ones inviting you to Latin America, but we know it better than others since we have lived there most of our lives. We offer you to step away from standard "cookie-cutter" tourist routes and stereotypes and immerse yourselves into an authentic Latin American environment. We can make your experience much more interesting because we offer what others don't or may not know about. We can make your communication easier, since we possess Spanish and English languages. We have a vast experience of work in Mexico and other countries of Latin America, and understand all the cultural traits and quirks of minds and souls of people inhabiting these lands. This allows us to create incredibly interesting, mindboggling yet absolutely safe trips across this whole region.

Latin America - a treasury of pre-Columbus traditions, varieties of nature and landscapes, as well as ancient and modern history of people of the continent. Only after visiting these lands can you really understand why Latin America in particular... Together with Milavia International you can enjoy multiple experiences-sleeping under the stars in a desert, wander deep forests with Maya people, taste delights from local cuisines, look around ancient ruins, climb the slopes of volcanoes, and do many other things that you have never done before...

Milavia International - a tourist company, created in 1988 in Acapulco, state of Guerrero, Mexico. The company started off its life with individual tours across all of Mexico, including acquaintance with pre-Columbus period in the history of the country, with art and architectural monuments of ancient cultures, as well as relaxation on most elite beaches. Representatives from Milavia International in Acapulco are always ready to provide tourists with any help in this heavenly part of the world.

Milavia International in 2003 opens its main office in Buffalo Grove, IL, USA. The one and only president of this company, from the moment of its birth, is Margarita Tourko, who has a 20- year life and business experience in Mexico and Central America. Using extensive business contacts with representatives of tour-business across entire Latin America, and understanding to a tee their language and mentality, Margarita stresses the activity of the company on creating exclusive programs ranging from Mexico to Antarctica.

Milavia International is based on a method of a distributive office, which means that each Latin American country houses a manager from our company, which is responsible for a chapter in that country. Among responsibilities of a regional manager is control over the performance of local guides and making sure that the tours follow the program in every minor detail. Also, a regional manager provides any emergency care that tourists might need in case of extreme situations.

All pricing politics and negotiations are formed in headquarters office in Illinois, USA. All inquiries about discounts, pricing changes, or tour program changes are received and discussed in the company office, and can be asked at

Milavia International in 2007 opens its representation in following countries of the region:

  • Costa Rica / San Jose
  • Panama / Panama City
  • Guatemala / Panajachel
  • Brazil / Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Fortaleza
  • Argentina / Buenos Aires

In the above mentioned countries, representatives of Milavia International guarantee to all our tourists a 24/7 telephone of urgent care in case of extreme emergency.

Milavia International develops tours and operates exclusively in countries of Latin American region from Mexico to Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia. In most cases we offer our original programs without changes, but that does not mean that you are prohibited from making any changes of your own, as in the route and its duration, as well as in a choice of hotels, tours, etc.

Special attention is designated to tours and programs in Mexico, since the main management, as well as many employees of the company, are citizens of Mexico and are extremely familiar with this country. Mexico is not just your typical route from Mexico City to Cancun! The company Milavia International offers unique one of a kind routes across this most interesting Latin American country.

Milavia International Does NOT offer tours in USA or countries in the Caribbean. We operate only in the countries of the Continental Latin America, information about which can be easily found at the company site:

Milavia International offers all cooperating companies a bonus program: If a company sends 100 or more tourists to any of our destinations, it has a right to two complimentary spots at any of our group tours, starting with the 366th day after the date of the first original tour, which sent out the original group of tourists. The right to a complimentary vacancy in our tour is reserved for 365 days after receiving this offer. If a company provided 50-99 tourists to any of our destinations within one year, it has a right to one complimentary spot in our tours. In those cases, only the services listed in the pricing of a tour such as excursions, fly overs, hotels, etc. are complimentary and do not include the prices of international flights, visas, and other expenses not listed as inclusive in a tour.

Milavia International offers ideal solution to independent eco- friendly adventure seekers, curious wanderlust explorers, people passionate about cultural exchanges and enjoying their lives to the fullest, and anyone wishing to walk down the unexplored paths in search of adventures and meeting new local inhabitants in the countries of Latin America.

Milavia International offers a broad spectrum of tours: from standard exploration tours, carefully developed based on personal experience, to specialized individually crafted programs that cater to desires of most experienced and particular tourists.

Milavia International programs allow not only for resting, but also discovering the Latin American world and get acquainted with all of its wonders. We tried to cover all bases and went above and beyond for you to address all aspects of this world of mysteries and contrasts, whose name is Latin America.

Milavia International will promptly and competently answer all your inquiries regarding tour development and routs of various difficulties, will consult you on the immigration and visiting questions, as well as weather conditions of local countries. You will get thorough information about tours, assistance with choosing a country of your choice based on your interests, and support with choosing hotels that optimally cater to your standards.

We offer:

  • Excursion programs and tours across the entire Latin America.
  • Essential and practical consultations related to entering and touring countries of the Latin America.
  • Development of individual routes from Mexico to Antarctica.
  • Individual transportation in a class of your choice in visiting countries.
  • Car rental with personal chauffeurs in visiting countries.
  • Hotels of various categories.
  • Wedding packages to exclusive locations of Latin America.
  • Order of specialized equipment for any type of active leisure activities: diving, rafting, fishing in an open ocean, in Pantanal or on ice lakes of Patagonia, golfing, eco-tourism, mountain skiing, mountain climbing, etc.
  • Purchasing real estate in territories of Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Chile.

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