14 days / 13 nights

In this tour:

  • Bariloche - piece of Switzerland in Argentina.
  • Victoria Island & Arrayanes National Park.
  • Andean Lakes Crossing from Argentina to Chile.
  • Cites of Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt & Frutillar - enigmas of German settlements.
  • Torres del Paine National Park - a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.
  • Lake Grey & Glacier Navigation.
  • El Calafate & Los Glaciares National Park.
  • Glaciares Boat Tour.
  • Opera Pampa Show in Buenos Aires.
  • Iguazu Falls - visit the Argentine & Brazilian sides of these awesome falls + Bird Park.

Day 01. Buenos Aires – San Carlos de Bariloche. Transfer from your hotel in Buenos Aires to the airport for your flight across the Pampas to the San Carlos de Bariloche, on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Meet and greet at the airport of San Carlos de Bariloche and move to your hotel. Accommodation for 2 nights. Guided tour to explore this charming Alpine-style town and the surroundings of San Carlos de Bariloche. Today, you have to journey into the colorful, an utterly unimaginable cubbyhole - Bariloche, fascinating for its picturesque panoramic views of the majestic Andes, numerous islands and bays. Cerro Otto-an unforgettable scenery, reminiscent of alpine landscapes, but in a much more charming version. It offers amazing views of San Carlos de Bariloche, glacial Lake Nahuel Huapi of intense blue color and countless islands with typical Alpine huts of stone and wood. You will be amazed at the views of the mountains surrounding the lake, delta gliders soaring and sparkling snow on the mountain tops. While you are here, you feel like a bird flying over the lake, skirting the bowl of the green islands. You will be taken to Cerro Otto by a cable car, which was donated to the city by the once famous Argentine industrialist Boris Furman, born and grown up in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and known for his rich history of philanthropy. The documents depicting a life story of this unusual person are presented in a small Museum of Cerro Otto, where you can learn the history of the early settlers and founders of Bariloche. In addition, you will be able to taste Argentinean dishes and drinks in the restaurant with a rotating floor. So, during your meal you can enjoy all the scenery without getting up from the table. After the visit to Cerro Otto, we follow along the route, which runs along the most beautiful places of the Huapi Nahuel Lake, stopping for breathtaking viewing platforms, boasting magnificent views of the lagoon Trebol, San Pedro peninsula, Cerro Lopez and Tronador mountain peaks and the Moreno and Nahuel Huapi Lakes with an Alpine-style mansions, Llao Llao hotel, Victoria Island, and the Huemu Island.. Then continue to travel across the bridge, connecting lakes Moreno and Nahuel Huapi, take a wonderful stroll through scenic woods to the lake, enjoy the natural beauty, you will never forget. Follow to the peninsula Llao Llao and within the Pañuelo port. Upon marvelous walks up on the chairs-lifts on the Cerro Campanario will perform a panoramic tour of the entire aerial view of Bariloche, just uncompromising, "must see" in Bariloche! Return to the hotel.

Day 02. Bariloche - Victoria Island Tour. Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast transfer to Puerto Pañuelo along the scenic Av. Bustillo, and will start a boat trip over the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi to visit Victoria Island and the Enchanted Forest in Los Arrayanes National Park. This is a gorgeous trip with incredible views and reflections of the mountain ranges to the tip of the Arrayanes peninsula where the concentrated Arrayanes tree forest is located. You will take a wonderful stroll through the fabulous Arrayanes forest. Arrayanes are rare myrtle trees of a dark orange color. The age of some of them up to 600 years. The bark of this plant feels like velvet, making the forest creates a totally fantastic atmosphere. People say that having been here, Walt Disney came up with the idea to create the animated film "Bambi". Enjoy the quiet and harmony spread out in the air. Don't forget to use you photo camera intensely because it is very unlikely that you will have a chance to take such wonderful pictures among these trees anywhere else. Return to your hotel. (Breakfast included)

Day 03. Bariloche - Puerto Varas / the Andean Lakes Crossing from Argentina to Chile. Breakfast at the hotel. Today you will see amazing combination of rivers, snowcap covered volcanoes, green valleys, impassable forests and clear lakes. This is a true Mecca for lovers of astounding nature, which reminds of lakes in Karelia and Finland, with a single difference-mountain peaks towering like an impenetrable wall. Enjoy a full day of travel in the scenic Lake District. The crossing includes three lakes: the Nahuel Huapi, Fria and Todos los Santos. Early departure in the morning, leave Bariloche by bus until reaching Puerto Pañuelo, sailing across the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Upon reaching Puerto Blest the rest of the journey will be by coach, past Vicente Pérez Rosales border point and into Peulla. The Andean Crossing service continues to Puerto Varas by boat. Enter the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, observing the majesty of the Osorno Volcano, the waterfalls of Petrohué River and Todos los Santos Lake. Sail the beautiful emerald-colored waters and appreciate the shore bordered by native forests, mountains, volcanoes, hills and waterfalls. Drive along the edge of Lake Llanquihue, near the Calbuco Volcano before arriving in Puerto Varas. Accommodation for 2 nights. (Breakfast included)

Day 04. Puerto Varas - Puerto Montt - Frutillar. Breakfast at the hotel. Today you will visit Puerto Montt, Frutillar and Puerto Varas, like many other cities and settlements in this region, have a very typical German architecture and aesthetic against a background of almost central European landscapes-multiple generations of German immigrants were developing these cold and rainy lands. After the war, numerous Nazis fled here, a fact, which in no way reflects the mood of majority of ethnic Germans in this country. These are areas of very peculiar mixes and interactions of the cultures of Indians from the South - Mapuche and descendants of Germans from Germany. In Puerto Montt, city developed in the end of XIX century by German settlers, to this day descendants of German immigrants brew wonderful beer following original antique recipes. The outward appearance of this city is more characteristic of the German architecture - "girder" houses have pointy tiled roofs crowned by distinctive weathervanes, decorative balconies with forged lattices are covered with twisting ivy and other greenery. You will go down to the Puerto Montt embankment to the monument of the first settlers and walk across the central square, which houses a cathedral church built from a red Alerce tree. Then you will go to the Caleta de Angelmo fish market, where the locals traditionally come to taste various seafood dishes. We recommend getting a meal at this market-unbeatable prices and amazing variety. Visit to colorful handicraft market, where you can purchase artwork done by local artisans. Continuation of the tour to the city of Frutillar where a large German colony, had a significant impact on the architecture, culture and gastronomic preferences of the inhabitants. Also, Frutillar is full of picture-perfect scenery, from the shores of Lake Llanquihue and the surrounding forests and pastures to the views of the peaks of the Osorno Puntiagudo and Tronador Volcanoes. Overview of the Teatro Del Lago - unique lakeside theatre floating on the lake. Enjoy taking in the beautiful views! Return to Puerto Varas. Puerto Varas is also called "city of roses" for its multitude of types of fragrant flowers. If weather conditions allow, you will enjoy an incredibly beautiful view of snow-covered peaks of towering above the lake volcanoes: Osorno and Calbuco. If you desire to try your luck, so you can spend this evening and even all night at a local casino, located just 5 minutes from your hotel. (Breakfast included)

Day 05. Puerto Montt - Punta Arenas – Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine National Park. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport of Puerto Montt for your flight south along the Andes to Punta Arenas where you will be met for a five hour transfer to Torres del Paine National Park. Stop in Puerto Natales - a quaint town on the shore of the Ultima Esperanza Sound. The Spanish sailor Juan Ladrilleros, who was seeking the Strait of Magellan in the year 1557, named the province where Puerto Natales is located Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope). It was his "last hope" to find the Strait after exploring the maze of channels between the waters of the Pacific and the mainland. A short walk through the center of Puerto Natales: you will be pleasantly surprised. After that, you will continue your trip to Torres del Paine National Park. The landscape is getting more and more impressive with the mountains of Torres coming closer and closer and the steppe starting next to the road. Lake Sarmiento was the first lake with its turquois colored water and the Torres del Paine in the background. Really fantastic scenery! On the way there you will observe a heard of grazing guanacos, nandu ostriches, and hovering condors. It is also interesting to observe a local variety of black-faced ibis called bandurreas. Arriving and accommodation for 3 nights. The views of the "Horns" of Paine from your hotel are unique and outstanding! (Breakfast included)

Day 06. Torres del Paine National Park. Breakfast at the hotel. Full day excursion to visit the main attractions in the park. Torres del Paine is one of the most beautiful corners of Chile. The territory of the park occupies 181414 hectares and it is unique first of all because of the fact that here, among the mountains, tens of rivers and lakes you can see practically all views of Patagonia-bushy steppes, humid forests, Magellan's tundra and highland desert, not to mention glaciers, waterfalls, rainbows and other aspects of beauty. Today you will see a majestic Lake Del Toro, River Paine and Waterfalls Paine, Lake Nordenskjold in a background of the Almirante Nieto Mount, Laguna Amarga and amazing Lake Pehoe. You will pass several lagoons until we get to Mirador Nordenskjold, where you can see the Massif from up close and the turquoise waters of this lake. Return to your hotel. (Breakfast included)

Day 07. Torres del Paine - Native Forest - The Grey Glacier and Lake. Breakfast at the hotel. You will continue your acquaintance with Torres del Paine National Park. This one of a kind wonder of nature was created by slowly shifting away glaciers of Southern Patagonia Ice Field, which exposed vertical cliffs of almost half a kilometer in height, towering over lakes and hills, which are homes to multitudes of guanacos and nandu ostriches. Visit Mirador Condor and Salto Grande Waterfalls. After that, you will go to Lago Grey, which exists thanks to melting of a giant glacier by the same name, which broke off during the prehistoric times of Southern Patagonia Ice Field. Your view will be introduced to magnificent landscapes, which attract science specialists from around the world. You pass through the most beautiful viewpoints of the National Park until you reach the Grey Entrance. From here, you walk in the Pingo valley on a gently sloping path that follows the bed of the Pingo River. This is one of the greenest areas of the park where it is also possible to see interesting geographical formations. You will visit picturesque Grey Lake where icebergs float on the water from the Grey Glacier, which can be seen in the distance. Walk along the shoreline of Lago Grey on a narrow and winding walkway with ice and icebergs on one side and a green dense native forest on the other side. Enjoy a unique compound of the Grey Glacier, floral landscape, lush greenery and imposing mountains. Return to your hotel. (Breakfast included)

Day 08. Torres del Paine – El Calafate. Breakfast at the hotel. Departure for El Calafate, located in Argentina. Leave your hotel at 9am, transfer to Cerro Castillo border arriving around 11:30am. Change transport on the Argentinian side and drive to downtown hotel in Calafate arriving at approximately 3:30pm. Accommodation for 2 nights. (Breakfast included)

Day 09. El Calafate – Los Glaciares National Park. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the Los Glaciares National Park, which is located 80 km (50 miles) from the city of El Calafate. During this trip, you will have the opportunity to observe the vegetation of a Patagonian forest. Today you will go on a unique adventure to the Blue Pearl of Patagonia, where blue glaciers slide down from the mountaintops into the Argentino Lake. Turquoise waters of this lake, wild mountains and a blue sky complete a unique nature of this place that is like no other. Along with many "dry" glaciers, which haven' reached the water, in this park there are three biggest and most beautiful glaciers: Perito Moreno, Upsala and Spegazzini. However, the most famous of all glaciers is Perito Moreno, named after a famous researcher of these places Francisco Moreno (the word "perito" means "expert, specialist, master of his trade" in Spanish). Today you are observing this glacier, which height above the surface of the lake reaches 200 ft. and length of 2.5 miles. It practically intersects the whole lake. This natural wonder was declared the world heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Perito Moreno is very unique - it is the only glacier in the world which not moves away but the other way around-it approaches, with a very high for a glacier speed. After the visit to the National Park, you will transfer to your hotel. The afternoon is at leisure to explore the town or walk down to Lake Argentino to watch the water birds. (Breakfast included)

Day 10. El Calafate - Glaciares Boat Tour. Breakfast at the hotel. Excursion for the whole day starts at 7:00 AM. From El Calafate you will depart to Port Banderas (30miles away), where you will meet a speedboat which will take you down the northern side of the Lake Argentino to reach the Upsala Canal, where you'll find a spectacular Iceberg Barrier. From there you will have a panoramic view of the most powerful of all glaciers - Upsala, whose area reaches 325 square miles. Afterwards you will cruise through the Spegazzini Canal, where you will observe the Seco Glacier to reach the front of Spegazzini Glacier, the highest in the Los Glaciares National Park. A unique beauty of Patagonia, glacier Spegazzini, await you! Spegazzini glacier is the tallest and most impressive one. It is formed from convergence of three ice flows. Above it, reaching into the sky looms black "Devil Head"-an unapproachable cliff, on top of which there are two sharp "wolf ears." There are always swirling clouds of thick fog, and occasionally the black Devil's Head appears from among it, and then disappears again. Accompanied by rolls of thunder, created during the formation of cracks inside the glacier, it is a magnificent sight to witness. Equally impressive is a height of a wall of this glacier-up to 445ft. When the sun appears in the sky, the cracks of the glacier emanate blue light so it looks like there is a cold blue flame flickering inside. At the end of the excursion and after debarkation, you will be delivered back to your hotel. (Breakfast included)

Day 11. El Calafate – Buenos Aires. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport of El Calafate for your flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival in Buenos Aires and transfer to your hotel. Accommodation for 1 night. Free time to relax. Evening we invite you to a dinner- show Opera Pampa. Enjoy Gaucho Drama Show, Gaucho Barbecue and visit a winery to sample Argentina's finest wines. Pampa Opera's sound and light spectacular includes fireworks and thrilling equestrian displays. The brilliantly choreographed epic show is a dynamic and entertaining introduction to Argentina's history with 50 folkloric dances, musicians, singers and brilliant horsemanship. After the show, you'll feast on Argentina's famous beef, grilled in a typical gaucho barbecue pit. Return to your hotel. (Breakfast & dinner-show included)

Day 12. Buenos Aires – Iguazú Falls (Argentina). Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Iguazu Falls. Departure for the National Iguazu Park and viewing of the waterfalls from the Argentinian side. Describing the beauty of waterfalls in words is akin to trying to describe any of the masterpieces of Beethoven in words. It is a sight to see as well as to hear (to hear because you can hear the roar of the waterfalls from around 2.5 miles away). Iguassu means "great water" in a native language of a local Indian tribe Guarani, which has been living on this territory even before the arrival of the conquerors to this land. Before us the Iguazu River crashes down from the height of 270 feet, creating 19 major and a countless amount of smaller waterfalls about 2 miles wide. The border between the two countries lays through the most impressive one of them all, called "The Devil's Throat". You follow to the viewing platform on the Devil's Throat, where one can become a witness to one of the most grandiose sights on Earth. The viewing of the waterfall is accessible from both sides, although the most incredible view of the waterfall occurs on the Argentinian viewing platform. You will stand next to the waterfall Bozetti-the largest one on the Argentinian side. Little bridges will take you above the waterfalls, where you can watch the water come down, or observe the rainbows and admire this natural wonder, which cannot compare with anything in the world in its beauty. After this excursion follows a lunch. After lunch, transfer to your hotel. By the way, visit to a unique place- crossroads of three nations: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, marked by a stone obelisk. The natural border between the countries is marked by the rivers Iguassu and Parana. Accommodation for 2 nights. (Breakfast and lunch included)

Day 13. Iguazu Falls (Brazil) – Bird Park. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls. Viewing of the waterfalls from the Brazilian territory. Iguacu waterfalls-one of the biggest nature preserves of flora and fauna in the country, where you can lose yourself wandering through the hidden paths and enjoy the views of magnificent panorama of the waterfalls. The route of the excursion goes through a special road in the National park, which has conveniently located viewing platforms. Here you can make truly impressive shots of the waterfalls. The wrap up of the excursion involves going up in a glass elevator, which opens to panoramic views of the waterfalls from above. Next - a visit to a Bird Park-a unique park of exotic birds, which live in their natural habitats. Ecosystems of the park represent flora and fauna of Pantanal and Amazonia-bright colors of various parrots, multitudes of various types of handsome toucans and other often-rare types of birds, reptiles, and exotic butterflies. Besides that, in the Park you can also encounter many wild birds, flamingoes, herons, cormorants and other feathered ones from every corner of the world. Crocodiles, pythons and lemurs are very effective additions to this wild nature park. Then, return transfer to your hotel on the Argentinian side. (Breakfast included)

Day 14. Iguazu Falls – Buenos Aires. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Buenos Aires. Now here is the big decision: Go home... or stay on? If you must return home, meeting and transfer from Aeroparque Airport to Ezeiza International Airport for your international departure flight. (Breakfast included)

However, if you decide to stay on, that is great; there is a lot to choose from. Tell us what YOU want and we do the legwork.

Rates per person in $USD / group min of 14 pax / Taxes and Fees included
Double occupancy DBL$5795
Single occupancy SGL$6705

The price includes:

  • Hotel accommodations 4* with hotel taxes and daily breakfast.
  • 5 flights according to the program: Buenos Aires – San Carlos de Bariloche / Puerto Montt – Punta Arenas / El Calafate – Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires – Iguazú / Iguazú – Buenos Aires.
  • 1 Dinner-Show in Buenos Aires.
  • 1 lunch.
  • Excursions, visits and navigation according to the program.
  • All entrance tickets according to the program.
  • Surface and overland travel as indicated.
  • Comfortable transport.
  • English-speaking guides throughout the whole route.
  • Luggage handling at airports.
  • Hotel bellboys.

The price does not include:

  • Intercontinental flight. The cost is confirmed during the tour reservation. Participants make their own arrangements on the airline of their choice.
  • Price of additional tours and visits along the route.
  • Trip insurance. We offer an excellent insurance for an additional fee.
  • Tourist visas and Reciprocity fees.
  • Tips for the guides and drivers. You will soon realize that the professional in-country staff is working round-the-clock to ensure the success of the experience. Gratuities are a small way to say thanks.
  • Meals not specifically indicated as included.
  • Foreign airport departure taxes.


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Cancellation policies of the tour and return of the monetary funds:

  • Cancellation of a ground part of the tour program 89-50 days before its start: full monetary refund with the exception of the expenses spent on refund registration and banking operations.
  • Cancellation of a ground part of the tour program 49-31 days before its start: 50% monetary refund with the exception of the expenses spent on refund registration and banking operations.
  • Cancellation of a ground part of the tour program 30 days before its start and a NO SHOW: no monetary refund would be offered.
  • Flight cancellations: Milavia International is not responsible for monetary refunds for unused airline tickets and does not refund the payments for cancelled domestic flights. The Buyer has the right to use the purchased tickets within one year. If the ticket cost for new dates during the year increases, the Buyer must pay the difference in the ticket cost. Air schedules are subject to change and Milavia International cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by such changes and delays.
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  • Passengers with orthopedic problems are not recommended to this tour.
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Passports and Visas:

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  • Additionally, all passengers are required to hold a valid visa wherever required. It is the passenger's responsibility to check with the appropriate consulates as to the visa requirements and obtain proper travel documents before the trip. Visa fees are not included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For travels in Argentina.

  • Please remember that the Argentine Immigration Office is charging ALL citizens from the United States, Canada and Australia a "Reciprocity Fee".
  • You are responsible for paying for this fee online and printing your receipt, which you must present to the Customs Authority upon entering the country.
  • There are no exemptions to this fee and it must be paid regardless if you are staying for a few hours, making a flight connection or staying for a longer period of time.
  • Please note that for some nationalities, the option to pay for multiple entrances does not exist.
  • You are responsible for having these documents in order prior to arrival.
  • Click on the following link to find all the details:

What you should bring: Everyone travels differently, and while we do not require that you follow this list exactly, please use it as a guideline for deciding what to pack. The capricious climate of Patagonia is one of the things you have to keep in mind.

What we highly recommend:

  • Using multiple layers of clothing is not only one of the best ways of keeping warm in very cold weather, but it also gives you much needed flexibility when it comes to hot weather, rain, wind and everything else in between.
  • Medium-weight synthetic socks with cushioned soles.
  • Avoid cotton socks as these are slow to dry, provide no additional cushioning and do little to keep your feet warm.
  • Long thermal underwear is also recommended for added warmth.
  • A pair of regular woolen gloves.
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket.
  • The sun in Patagonia is particularly strong so protect yourself with larger lenses, or better still, wraparound glasses that cover your whole field of vision.
  • Two hats: a summer hat with a wide brim to prevent heat stroke in hot weather, and a woolly hat that covers your ears to keep you cozy in the cold.
  • Two pairs of comfortable walking shoes with rubber soles.
  • Shoes well closed around the ankles.
  • Good clothes for the hiking.
  • A small backpack with: sunglasses, solar protector, band-aid, repellent, drinking water, camera, regularly taken medicine.
  • Plan to carry a photocopy of your passport with you at all times during the trip.

What we do not recommend:

  • Expensive jewelry or other valuables.
  • Heavy backpack.

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