Thank you for your interest and desire to cooperate with US.


Tour Operator. Milavia International, Ltd - a developer and executor of private complex tours solely to the countries of Latin America.

Buyer. Any travel company/travel agent/individual tourist, desiring to purchase any of the tours, located at the website of a Tour Operator

We would like you to familiarize yourself with the policies of mutual cooperation with the Tour Operator Milavia International, Ltd:

  • Milavia International develops tour programs exclusively to the countries of Latin America. Tour programs, which can be found at are an intellectual property of the Tour Operator, and are offered to the partnering Buyer as complex programs, without the rights to alteration of the name of the program, the text of the program, or photos accompanying the program. At a request of a Buyer, the Tour Operator sends out all the pictures necessary for placing the program on a Buyer company's website. Buyer can request extension of the program with addition of extra days before or after the tour.
  • Milavia International does NOT assemble groups for the tours. The Tour Operator Milavia International offers programs to Buyers, which are responsible for the group assembly. In exceptional cases, at its own discretion the Tour Operator appoints guaranteed dates of assembled group tours, sending them out to all cooperating Buyers. In this case, the Buyers have a right to add their individual tourists to the assembled group tour.
  • Milavia International offers to the Buyers all the programs only at NET prices. The net prices listed are very reasonable for these types of programs and include all domestic flights. There are NO unplanned vacant days or trips paid for on the spot in our programs.
  • Milavia International includes all activities listed in the tour itinerary page. Milavia International does not sell any optional activities which can add hundreds of dollars to your tour price. Your free time is scheduled in great settings where there is no need to buy additional expensive activities.
  • The price of the program can be requested at, indicating number of people in the group. The requested program will be created for any dates indicated by the Buyer.
  • Milavia International will always recommend the best time of the year to carry out the tours, which is very important to take into consideration, since a successful tour presentation depends on the time of the year optimal for any certain program.
  • If a Buyer creates a group consisting of 22 people, the Tour Operator offers this Buyer one included complimentary spot in a DBL accommodation during the route of the whole program. In this case Buyer will pay only for the international flight and any meals that are not included into the tour program. This policy is applicable to all tours listed on the Tour Operator's site as well as custom-developed programs at Buyer's request.
  • Milavia International does NOT offer tours in USA or countries of the Caribbean. We operate only within the continental countries of Latin America, from Mexico to Patagonia, which is reflected on the website of the Tour Operator
  • Milavia International works with a team of experienced local guides speaking many languages in any country from Mexico to Antarctica. Our clientele is tourists from any country, willing to travel under guidance by a professional speaking their language.
  • Milavia International serves as a distributed office, which means that each Latin-American country has a manager from our company, responsible for the task of tour operating in that country. The responsibilities of a regional manager include overseeing the guide performance and an accurate execution of the program. Besides that, a regional manager provides urgent assistance to the tourists in case of emergency.
  • The pricing policies of the Tour Operator are determined in company's headquarters based in the state of Illinois, USA. All inquiries about discounts, price changes, and tour adjustments should be addressed to the Tour Operator's headquarters at the following email:
  • Tour payments are only accepted in bank transfers to the bank account of Milavia International, Ltd, in USA.
  • The cancellation and refund policies are mentioned to the Buyer in each separate program reservation.
  • Milavia International offers a bonus program to all the partnering Buyers: if a Buyer sends 100 or more tourists a year to any of our destinations, it has a right to 2 complimentary spots in any of our group tours, starting 366 days after the date of a first tour, in which the first tour group was sent. The right to these complimentary spots is reserved for 365 days after the date of the giveaway. If a Buyer sends 50-99 tourists to any of our destinations, it has a right to one complimentary spot in any of our tours in DBL placement. The complimentary packages include only services included in the tour, such as: excursions, domestic flights, hotels, etc., and do not include the prices for international flights, visas, and other expenses not mentioned in the description of a tour as inclusive.